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that the law with a 2-year-old little girl. -- was stabbed along with a 2- year-old little girl. police are still investigating. there are several markings out here. they are also inside coming to the apartment as we speak trying to figure out what went wrong. >> keep us posted. we will keep on top of it. and we will also have information on our not -- on t our website." plane that flew into restricted airspace over washington. we are told that this was a student pilot? >> and we're hearing some sources -- some sources that the student pilot has said that he got lost up in the air and veered into the restricted
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airspace. it was all by accident. the pilot is still here at this airport. his plane still out here. he is questioned by law enforcement as we speak. the pilot had to be escorted down. the plane was spotted to southwest of the airport at about 2:30 p.m. today. they tried to talk to the pilot but got no response. military aircraft had to intercept the plane. the secret service has said that they will talk to the pilot to figure out what exactly he was up to. several fire units had the good of the white house as a precaution. the president and his family are a way, vacationing at martha's vineyard right now. what is interesting about this is that about four years ago, we covered a story about another plane from the same place. the plan was escorted down after
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getting within miles of the white house. the white house was a back to -- actually evacuated four years ago. people over the phone said they had heard about what has happened, but they're not sure about the pilot is or where he was going. the pilot is still being questioned by law enforcement. another day of frustration for teens were still waiting to go to class. many students spent another day without schedules. we're live in springdale with a look at the ongoing problem. >> this is affecting just about every single high-school and prince george's county. students are telling us that a majority of students do not have schedules for the year, or the ones they have been given have problems. the problem is the school system's computer program for
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student information. it has essentially crashed. thousands of students arrive for a second day today, dreading a repeat of yesterday's's debacle. i was in a lunch room all day. more than 10% of students were stuck in limbo because of schedules that were supposed to have been completed or not ready. a computer glitch behind the problem was being fixed, and students were in class with temporary schedules. >> we have no kids in jim's or cafeterias waiting out the day. all kids are in class. >> the president of the pds of -- ptso says it is far from over. >> this is the worst opening in 16 years. >> we asked parents and students
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outside what was going on inside. >> i know they have the kids waiting in the auditorium for two or three days. >> they're trying to figure everything out. >> some called the situation ridiculous. >> they are sitting in the cafeteria waiting for schedules. >> it will be the end of the week before all students have their schedules. >> did they know this was going to happen before yesterday? >> absolutely. why they did not allay school openings, i will never know. >> it spokesperson says there are working furiously manually to create the schedules. it will have a by the end of the week, but kids areangry, disappointed, and feel like the school week is being lost because of the problem.
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>> prince george's county has over hundred and 30,000 students and over 200 schools. -- over 130,000 students and over 200 schools. budget problems have forced montgomery county schools into a higher increase. -- and hiring freeze. principals and teachers supplemented by us dollars -- there will be filled by long- term substitutes. s.a.t. scores are in for graduating seniors. they scored above the national average. this court slightly lower in math. there was an average score of 511 reading, 512 math, just down slightly from last year's class is.
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and oicer -- an officer had a tcked slamm into his cruiser and as in the hospital. park police believe the officer was standing and was dragged under his cruiser for 40 feet. southbound lanes are closed because of some major backups. celirince william countypo are searching for a driver that struck and kille a bicyclist in neaigsville. wheas unconscious on the side ofig h.hehway hw work whent en iedhapp .. ehe ve hi vehicle may be silvere ad gr the driver did not know your she hit someone. at teacher is under arrest, accused of making a child pornography video with one of his students. deputies made the discovery after looking for drugs inside the home. we're live tie with what neighbors are saying.
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>> a woman was in tears just thinking about it. they took their little sister on a trip a few days ago. they're stunnedhat the teacher everybody adored it is accused of something like this. 33 year-old scott started the school year in jail. the middle school teacher is facing child pornography and drug charges. he is accused of engaging in sex acts with a 15 year-old former student and doing it with a video camera rolling. >> denial and hatred. >> he used to teach science to this woman's sister. >> there was no signs or clue. he was always an upbeat type person, happy all the time. >> deputies searched the house on august 11 on drug suspicio.
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they found pot plants in the backyard. there was something much more disturbing inside. >> videos and other items containing child -- homemade, manufactured child pornography. >> it is sacrilegious. >> the relationship had been going on for months, and the boy is the only victim. he believes that because in a rural community, people talk. >> word spreads fast. we have been contacted by numerous parents of students that had been in recent contact or past contact. >> what can you do? [inaudible] >> his name is not listed on the school's online staff directories. a spokesperson would only say they have taken the steps the law allows. he is being held tonight on
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$120,000 of bonds. alexandria city officials have named the first african- american police chief in the city's history. the acting chief was officially appointed this morning. ief last mth when the former police chief was sentenced to five days in jail. gerry connolly held a town hall meeting this morng. later tonight, jim moran will hold his. that meeting could get heated with protesters on both sides expected. expect to have a live report tonight at 6:00. we enjoy another pleasant afternoon, but it may not last
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much longer. here is a first look at the forecast. >> not terribly oppressive, but a little uptick in temperatures and humidity levels. here is the latest from the rooftop camera. it is a very nice aernoon,a therw e.erth dge. these temperatureho sbed for tm that is a good combination. fairly comfortable. tuesday evening, skies will be partly cloudy and warm with temperatures holding in the 80's. 63-70 for the temperatures overnight. what kind of weather we expect for the weekend? in a few minutes. coming up, a local school. police say their shockg ac of vandalism.
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>> and members of virginia's famous old guard get ready. and next, surprising details about what happened in the hours 's death.chael jackson's death. geico's been saving people money on car insurance for over 70 years.
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michael jackson's doctor is
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a free man tonight, but that may not last for much longer. >> police say they have reason to doubt what he told them. >> i have done all i could do. i told the truth. i have faith the truth will prevail. >> dr. conrad murray claim does nothing wrong. it could lead to charges of involuntary manslaughter. the loss angeles coroner declared the pop star's death a homicide. they revealed that jackson had a lethal cocktail of drugs in his system at the time of death. in particular, a powerful anesthetic. the process may lead to the implication of other physicians in the case. there are also questions surrounding his actions the last moments. cellphone records obtained show
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the doctor was engaged in several lengthy phone calls. records of a conflict with his claim that he was performing cpr at that time. the attorney says his client did nothing negligent. according to a newly unsealed affidavit, he was insisted he was trying to wean jackson of of the drug with lower doses. >> that is the hollywood way. we have seen it over and over with the deaths of a number of celebrities. the doctor has to say no. you have to say no. no matter how famous the patient, these types of the man's >> charges are not expected just yet. an official search warrant has to be served. a flying instructor and student being treated for some minor injuries after an emergency landing in front of a new jersey mall. the small plane went down in a parking lot. the pilot reported engine
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trouble after takeoff. but no one not on the ground was hurt. thiswas the second time that a plane has used this parking lot as a runaway. at the rescheduled 1:00 a.m. left off comes after nasa had to scrub this morning's at temps. when discovery launches, a springdale native will be on board. >> it should be fun. around here, and i state with warm temperatures and low humidity. >> [unintelligible] >> let's get to the rooftop camera. high above the city, looking
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back towards the district, a pretty nice afternoon under way. a few fairweather clouds with zero chance of rain. very pleasant weather for outdoor activities tonight with temperatures dropping from 80 posey added to the 70's. -- the 80's into the 70's. the hurricane center is going to fly aircraft out to see what is going , but there is indication that over the next couple of days, conditions may be more favorable for this system to develop. it may be a tropical storm, certainly in the realm of possibility. it is not that far from the southeast coast. some computer models take up to the coast of carolina as early as friday night or saturday. it is certainly something to keep an eye on. we will have the latest update from the hurricane center on what is happening. it may affect our weekend weather.
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a couple of stops along the way, manassas, 87. the dew point around 70 is when it becomes uncomfortable. 84 and hagerstown. we have paul and to deal with again, but at least the mold spores were back in the moderate range. what a comfortable afternoon, low to mid 80's this afternoon. tomorrow, most areas could be close to 90 degrees by later in the afternoon. a little more humidity down south with the winds turning more out of the south and southwest. that will bring in the warmer, more humid air. those weather conditions are going to change as the warmer temperatures will slowly drift to the north and northeast. this heat is going to try to march eastward with a cold front coming down the pike to cut it off at the past.
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that is laid thursday and friday. we will have to see what happens and how it interacts with the system. big picture satellite reveals the storm system cold front developing out to the west. that is the one that will give us the chae of showers and thunderstorms by thursday evening. by friday, the shower activity will not be associated with the one for the south towards pr -- puerto rico. thursday's system will move through and give us showers and storms thursday afternoon. 76 late tonight. hi about 85. showers and thunder and the forecast as we had the thursday. scattered showers friday and saturday with question marks on saturday's weather. there is a system to the atlantic that might be getting close to the coastal carolinas.
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>> a little unstable for hat -- perhaps. tonight, a look inside what they're calling a movement, choosing to not take medication for their mental illness. for one man, it was a decision that turned deadly. >> they took my word over the doctor's word. >> the decision he wileg rret for the rest of his life. >> tonight on prime time, 10:00. and the nba star takes on keri walsh. coming up, a shocking discovery made at a local school. there is a racially -- racially charged to vandalism.
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>> wow, that is a lot. >> and a surprising amount of sugar in the foods many people p
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it appears americans have more of a sweet tooth then we realized. the american heart association is taking aim. no doubt about it, americans love their sugar.
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>> i eat whatever i want to eat whenever i want eat. >> and we have an idea of just how bad we are. in a startling new reports, the american heart association says an average american swallows 22 teaspoons of sugar every day. for men, nine, for women, just 6. most of that sugar comes from soda and fruit drinks, candy, cookies, and dairy products like yogurt. one can of soda includes more sugar than women should consume a day. >> things like corn syrup our bodies don't process very well. >> the added sugar and obesity is inconsistent. many nutritionists say sugar does contribute to a higher risk of diabetes, cardiovascular
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disease, and people who are overweight. >> it is an overt -- our diets need to be based on the fruits, vegetables, and grains. >> look at the nutrition label. the average man should consume no more than 150 calories of sugar, the average woman no more than 100 calories. this is less than one can of soda. coming up, [unintelligible] but this mural is bringing anchor. -- anger. >> people doing this for fun is very scary for me. >> and h
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captioned by the national captioning institute painful messages were discovered outside of a prince william chun styool. tearrest, accusedcially chargeda lyalnd charged words and images out of st. clair elementary. we have the story from manassas. >> school is not in session for another two weeks, and landscaping crews arrived, they found that somebody had used it
5:29 pm
to sow seeds of hatred. >> people doing this for fun is very scary to me. >> neighbors are valve -- neighbors are baffled as neighbors take out the words that were spelled out. white power, kkk, and a swastika. >> that type of action creates a lot of anger and a community. >> four boys were arrested ages 14 through 17, white and black. >> they are ignorant. they're not civilized. >> they are facing charges of vandalism. authorities say this is not considered a hate crime. >> there were no specific threats targeting anybody. it was a specific type of message. >> investigators say that it
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happened it is and because the school had stacks of sod, an unusual tool for vandals. >> if you don't get them right away, they will face more property. they can't treat people like that or property like that. >> while the have four teenagers in custody, the investigation is ongoing. they will likely make more arrests regarding this case in manassas, abc 7 news. breaking news where -- brown will serve his sentence. he has apologized to rihanna and his fans. police killed a robbery suspect during a violent confrontation.
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police say he ran the cruiser and tried to run down the officer. the officer opened fire and killed him. the suspect was involved at least three robberies over the last week. the business owner is going to beat charged under the city posed a new ban. they found packets still on store shelves and ocean beach. they cited them for possession. one suspects said that police should allow more time to get rid of it before the crackdown. after hearing from 400 people on both sides of the issue, the orange county board of supervisors voted 4-1 in favor of the walmart project. -- in favor of the project. walmart says the site is already commercially zoned.
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it would generate jobs and tax revenue. tonight, some soldiers are ready to leave for iraq. it is the third time since the old guard has been deployed abroad. >> these soldiers have served in a ceremonial capacity at arlington national cemetery, a highly coveted job in the military that carries a lot of clout. now these men are preparing to oin others serving in operation iraqi freedom. they provide honors for the fall and members of the military, but soon the soldiers will be deployed to iraq. >> it is good to go for it. >> elijah is one of the 136 soldiers that will head out next month. >> i am going to come back, and
5:33 pm
she is going to be running around. >> even though there is not a lot going on, you never know what is going to happen. >> at this elite unit participated in another ceremony. the and it goes a commanding officers as going from his current duties to operation: iraqi freedom is a big change for many of these soldiers. >> they have undergone a transformation from the ceremonial side to the combat focused at a combat mission side. >> members of the charlie company will be deployed for one year. many hope to return to fort myers and the old guard. >> our job at arlington cemetery is very honorable. >> the unit stopped participating in training back in april.
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-- and rather, ceremonies, back in april. reporting live in the newsroom, suzanne kennedy, abc 7 news. arne duncan marked the march on washington today. he announced the competition for studentso commemorate king's legacy. and now check on the traffic situation. not too good for people trying to head out of annapolis for the chesapeake bay bridge. it is jammed solid for about 5 miles away to the toll plaza and on the eastbound span. lanes are open now, but it was in the roadway for an hour and a
5:35 pm
half. out on 395, the northbound trip approach in the fourteenth street bridge, accident was in the right lane, and there is still activity off the road. lanes are open once again, but causing a bit of an issue fort folks coming off of the george washington parkway. three lan are open, just a bit sluggish as you approached the fourteenth street bridge. back to you. coming up, the elderly are the most vulnerable to swine flu, but they will not be given special access to the vaccine. we have the reasons why. >> and why doctors say fashionable shoes may be doing more than hurting your feet. >> and maryland's governor is getting rid of the state budget and slashing jobs. and slashing jobs. on car insurance.
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what you might not know is that you can contact geico to see if you could save on homeowner's and renter's insurance too. for more information call 1-800-947-auto or check what you might not know is that you can contact geico the yellow pages for an office near you. for more information call 1-800-947-auto or check what you might not know is that you can contact geico [tires screeching] [screech] accidents can happen anytime. that's why geico's here 24 hours a day, every day. geico. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance.
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whether you where flats or stilettos, you might be wearing the wrong shoes. >> researchers are finding that the wrong pair of shoes could be damaging in the long run, not just hurting while you are wearing them. we're on your side with the details. >> next to diamonds, shoes might
5:39 pm
be a close second to girls' best friend. >> they feel good, they look better, i like the various styles. >> no matter how good they look, your feet and not feel the same. >> and they kill my feet. that is a hidden secret that a lot of women tried to hide. you have to look cute, that is the price for beauty. >> you could be paying the price for years to come. >> she has been putting it into a tighter issue for decades. we see the formation of a bun and in this area, where she has been having pain. -- a bunyon in this arae. - area. >> doctors are working to understand how different types of shoes can put pressure on various points in the foot. the higherhe heel, the more
5:40 pm
stress on toes and ankles. >> a chronic parts of wearing heels for a long time actually affects the muscles, the balance, the deformities, and the number one thing is a joint disease. >> and as women get older, deterioration may cause the arches to become lax and lose support. it could lead the pain for more body parts than just the ft. >> you will notice a lot of ankle pain and knee pain, also back pain. >> flip flops are not much better, so they suggest a small hill to get our support without causing fallen arches or flat feet and he'll problems. -- heel problems. >> i plead the fifth. i'm glad the camera can't panned down. bse aboboout t a
5:41 pm
ms, whiocal u unirsity is to blame for it. >> we are trying to address it as aggressively as possible. >> and senior citizens are worried that they may be left be left pu
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tonight, the government is warning that thousands of people could die from the swine flu this fall and winter. >> some worry the elderly may be left out. >> left out on purpose. it may seem strange, because most flu deaths involve the elderly. with swine flu, seniors may have a built up a manatee. -- immunity. >> i am not worried. all these rumors you hear, these things come and go. >> a good attitude considering the other seniors here at the retirement community are not on the cdc's priority list for h1n1 flu shots.
5:45 pm
it includes caregiver's up to the age of 64. >> and the older population appears to have some immunity, perhaps from previous outbreaks. that is what we're looking at right now. >> they also might be socially -- less socially interactive. >> they're always touching. >> they will be getting free vaccinations -- and sanitizers are throughout the building. they have beef up supplies of gowns, gloves, and heavy-duty masks and just in case. >> is a concern. we're trying to address it as aggressively as possible. >> they're bracing for an outbreak that they hope will never happen. minimal cdc data suggest that older people might have a pre- existing antibodies against the
5:46 pm
flu. but all strands are unpredictable, and current recommendations may change in time. >> for more information about the symoms anways to slow the spread, go to our website, there are growing concerns about a runoff caused by george mason university construction projects. they're building a new hotel and residents. but people say the construction has destroyed their property. the school was told residents they can voice their concerns. >> we want to hear, because we want to be a good neighbor. we want to work with them as closely as we can. >> with modern technology, there is something they can do without dumping all the mud inhis creek. >> school officials are monitoring the situation closely. care first blue cross blue
5:47 pm
shield is awarding $1 million to no. -- in northern virginia. grants are available for progms including infant health. proposals have to be submitted by september 18. the only grand determinations by the end of the year. a new article says that twitter is a great way for hospitals and medical groups to keep in touch with many patients at once. short messages on the social networks like an update of followers of disease outbreaks, drug warnings, and other health alerts. they want to be careful about protecting patient's privacy. jessica biel is the most dangerous celebrity on the web. they're reporting that on-line searches for the actors are more likely to lead this by where and viruses, -- spyware and viruses.
5:48 pm
last year, brad pitt was the most dangerous celebrity online. some veterinarians are turning to eastern medicine for dogs. they say that acupuncture can help ease pain from arthritis and other symptoms by tapping into the immune system. one pet owner says it may not cure dog cancer, but it can help treat it more effectively. >> we have been able to keep the pain medication to a minimum with the acupuncture, because it keeps our, and treats the pain. >> one veterinarian says he has met a lot of skeptics, but he usually does the acupuncture in conjunction with other treatments. and he has seen results. a great day is trying to get his way into the guinness book of world records. titan is vying for the record of
5:49 pm
the world as the tallest living dog. he measures slightly above 42 inches, 1 inch taller than the previous record holder. officials will confirm his high over the next month or so. >> he might also be in contention for e longest town competition -- tongue competition. let's talk about the weather. >> things could be disrupted in a little bit? >> it is going to be ok, a little warmer and humid. there are a lot of questions for the weekend. it is gorgeous outside. take a look at the rooftop camera. no probability of rain tonight. it will be delightful with warm temperatures and the low humidity level. eemperature is idealator l au 85-re - -- 8in6 86 in. tw e
5:50 pm
the two- point is about s urch. let's go to graphics a tkal about what is happening kto mo we will havean weather for eon day, one day only. it is warmer bid a t more humid. ondahursy, it change as the cold front approaches. also approaching on friday will abearea of low pressure. reconnaissance workers are out stinveigating north ua sin jann. it could j become a tropical depression. and a tropil stm is not out of the question as it approaches the coast of south carolina. in the meantime, here is what we expect for wednesday.
5:51 pm
partly sunny, up to 91 degrees. more coming up in a couple of minutes. let's see what is coming up at 6:00. dodge of the health-care debate takes center stage at two local town hall meetings. things get heated between some residents. what is on virginia's mind when it comes to health care? and why could you see some fire arms at tonight's town hall meetings. the details coming up at 6:00. let's check in with sports. >> everybody has been talking about talkingvick, -- michael vick, it just won't go away. it is the first time since he has seen nfl action since december 2006. he is expected to play and the
5:52 pm
third quarter, and they might tip their formation using both mcnabb and vick at the same time. it he just wants to get him up to speed. >> i want to see how be adjusted to gain speed. -- adjusts to game speed. if i feel like he is adjusting ok, i will continuto give him an opportunity here and there. >> jim says he is happy with the progress the offensive line has made. he is anxious to get the offense going and get some points on the board. while he is saying all the right things, he's got to be concerned with what the starters have done. jason campbell has create -- and completed just three passes in two games. >> i hate to single him out because it is important for all of our guys.
5:53 pm
as he plays more, he will work at trying to get into a better read them and tried to get into a fast start and be able to put thrive upon drive together. >> wheelchair pushed around practice today. somebody stepped on his toe, so he will wheel himround after practice. that is bad luck. he did not want any part of a wheelchair. >> is pretty bad right now. i refused to tell them that, so i ain't going to do that. >> forget the age, it is bad luck. [laughter] coming up next, it is a thing of beauty, or an ugly mess?
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it's whmost for headaches.d for arthritis pain... in your hands... knees... and back. for little bodies with fevers.. and big bodies on high blood pressure medicine. tylenol works with your body... in a way other pain relievers don't... so you feel better... knowing doctors recommend tylenol... more than any other brand of pain reliever. a new mural is causing a lot
5:57 pm
of controversy in theorthst washington neighborhood. >> some community leaders say they it -- say it was not the type of car they were looking for. >> this is the neighborhood in northeast where colors and images washed this cinderblock wall from here all the way of forestry. the commissioner complains that beforehand, the organizers of this project told residents the mural would reflect the history and culture of this neighborhood. this, he says, does neither. it truly jobs out you. whether you are up close or a passenger going to the metro station. since the washington post featured it, it has drawn folkestone northeast d.c.. >> i think it is wonderful. >> we lived in vienna, and it is just gorgeous.
5:58 pm
>> but for the local commissioner, most of th art is ugly graffiti. >> this community has been tagged. if young people would come into the neighborhood and mark up a wall, they would go to jail for something like this. >> bart, like to be, as in the eye of the beholder. they paid $100,000 to -- art, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder. >> there is graffiti art similar to this. it is almost like an outdoor gallery right now. >> he complains that the new one shows no neighborhood activity, nothing about martin luther king. >> it doesn't reflect on our redskins or even the national ballgame.
5:59 pm
>> in the meantime, people seem to go away and pressed. -- impressed. >> i like that, but not for my neighborhood. >> we found some residents and businesses to say in the like this merrill. even as he continues to complain that they do not come from the sea, but places like new york and california. he said that perhaps it reflects their neighborhood, but not this one. reporting live, sam ford, abc 7 news. that is all for abc news at 5:00. at 6:00, at town hall tensions escalate in northern virginia. some are voicing concerns about weapons outside local meetings. some students still don't have schedules in prince george's county. and the child a stab

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